About Jane Porterfield dot comHi there. First, I’d like to welcome you to janeporterfield.com

Welcome to the World of Internet Marketing!

This blog is designed especially for those who are new to the world of internet marketing, or IM as some call it. On this blog, you will be introduced to the basic principles of the IM industry and also to the much higher-end and more complex systems of internet marketing.

I hope to open your mind to the enormous possibilities of the marketing world. At some point, you may find some of the information that’s shared is a bit complicated to understand. However, these topics and pieces of knowledge will all fall into place and will further help you understand this systematic way of marketing. In the long run, this will guarantee your overall success in this journey.

Just try to think of this blog as a bunch of puzzle pieces which will eventually connect to give you a complete picture in the end. Sound exciting? Great! Happy Trails to You!

A little about me:

In case you hadn’t guessed, my name is Jane Porterfield. I’ve been involved with online marketing for a number of years. I do affiliate marketing, dropshipping, I’m an avid blogger, and a freelance writer.

Testimonials about me:

Nancy Radlinger (from APSense)

I have been working with Jane for awhile now and you will not find a person that is more dedicated – she will stick with a project till it is finished, she will drop what she is doing and help you when needed, she is great to brainstorm with, she is an excellent writer and awesome at proofing what you write. She works very hard and you would not find a more honest person on the net – I trust her completely and she has been a great help to me.

Debra Diamond (from APSense)

Jane has some great articles that she has written about blogs and holiday celebrations – some of the different ways to infuse the holiday in every day life. These tips are great at this time of the year! Take a look at what she has written and enjoy these great articles.

Welcome to The Enormous Possibilities of The Internet Marketing World!


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