Opt-In Lists Can Make or Break Your Business

Opt-In ListsOpt-In Lists

Your Business and Your List: An Ideal Business Partnership

In any kind of business, marketing is an important tool in the growth and development of that business venture. Opt-in Lists can make or break that business. “The money is in the list” is as true as the day is long. Opt-in Lists give you a group of customers who, if you do things right, will make you money.

Since the dawn of the Internet, people have flocked to it to try to make businesses succeed, without knowing its fundamental principles, how it works, things that are needed to survive on the internet, etc. Many people literally arrived at the WWW, thinking that life would be a lot easier if they invested in online businesses.

Now, it is a well-known fact that you can make money online, but only if you know your way around, and employ, the best marketing strategy there is online – Opt-In List Building.

Online marketing does not have to be complicated; you just need the right “stuff” to get going.

I said it earlier, “the money is in the list” – the opt-in list.

Why, you might ask? Because with opt-in lists, you get to stay in touch with your ‘subscribers’ or readers by providing them with valuable information in the form of content – either written, video, tools or software, etc. When your subscribers come to know and trust you, they are likely to buy from you.

So what is an Opt-In List?

Opt-in lists are lists of email addresses of customers (and sometimes their names) that have completed a form on a website, blog or squeeze page, to receive something (usually free of charge, but also for products for which they have paid) that answers one of their needs.

By doing so, they have given their permission to be contacted again. This means that after the customer had completed their sign-up for the given product, you can contact them in the future with promotions, newsletters, or campaigns related to their original contact.

Having an opt-in list prevents spam accusations/complaints because you’ve received the customers’ consent.

To sustain the interest of your buying public, it is best to create an opt-in list so that your customer remembers you and comes to view you as a trusted source of great information and products.

The Major Benefits of an Opt-In List

  1. Opt-in lists are the most valuable asset your company/business can have

Take the time to speak with some successful online marketers or entrepreneurs. They will very quickly tell you that their “list” is their most valuable asset. The reason being, that opt-in lists are customer lists that provide a higher probability of sales in a more consistent and stable way. With opt-in lists, all you have to do is keep their interest with great content and offers.

  1. Your opt-in list is always available

The best thing about your opt-in list is that it will never grow old as long as you keep providing something of value to the list. As long as your customer needs something from you that you can provide, they will continue to remain on your list. Every contact with your list offers you the opportunity of increasing your revenue.

  1. The larger your opt-in list is, the greater the profits

The more customer names and email addresses you have on your list, the more chances you have of increasing your online sales. Every name, every email address can be worth anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for you per month. Hence, the larger your list, the more money you can make.

Simply put, opt-in lists are not just ordinary mailing lists. They are at the very core of success for an online business. Your opt-in list and your contact with the people on your list, is one of the most valuable tools and partnerships you can form on your journey into Internet Marketing.


Hi Mayura. Depending on what your goal is with a list, there are different ways of approaching the task. I’ll be covering that in upcoming posts.

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