Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Marketing Tips for Business OwnersRecently, a group of FaceBook followers were asked this question: “Please share one to three marketing tips for business owners.” I’m taking advantage of the situation to share a list of marketing tips for business owners as part of Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. There may be some duplication in the list of marketing tips, but I hope the list helps you get your wheels turning and making some plans for your business in 2017.

  1. Convert ideas to action.
  2. Talk to people!
  3. Find your target audience.
  4. Set the price for your item correctly – don’t know about pricing, search the internet.
  5. Always be willing to learn.
  6. We often ask people to support small business, but give them no real reason other than they know you.
  7. Go where the buyers already are.
  8. Direct mail still works if done right. It’s 40% about the list of target customers, 40% about the offer and 20% what we say and how it looks….Most people spend too much time on the 20%.
  9. Don’t be in denial about your competition (identify and acknowledge they exist).
  10. Seek out a business person who doesn’t offer the same service, but you service the same clients.
  11. If need be, hire a professional.
  12. I hear so many delusional people say, “I have no competition” or “everybody is my target market.”
  13. Take someone in your field out to lunch at least twice a month. You can come away with a lot of knowledge, potential partners, and you can write it off as a business expense.
  14. Phone calls are still effective.
  15. Assume nothing. Test everything.
  16. Nothing is final until the paperwork is signed.
  17. Develop a product (ebook, plugin, app) that fills a need in a certain niche area.
  18. Give the product away to people who are willing to trade their email address for the product, hence building your list (with a good autoresponder). You will need a blog or website to host your optin page. You can have an optin box on either the blog or site and provide more valued info on either of those. You can also have a single page optin, hosted on your blog or site, that you advertise. A Landing Page (optin page) should introduce visitors to what you offer, spark their interest and convince them to take action
  19. JV giveaways are a good place to offer your free product & build your list. Later on, when you have an established list, you can do ad swaps with other list owners.
  20. Build solid relationships with the folks on your list, providing them with valued information in some emails, and trying to sell them a product in others.
  21. Don’t try to impress people with your words impress them with your work.
  22. Dominate your competition – find a way to get in front of tens of thousands of people daily.
  23. Follow up with everyone and never assume someone isn’t interested it might take 30 calls for some and 1 call for others.
  24. Don’t assume someone isn’t qualified until there’s valid proof.
  25. Word of mouth advertising is most authentic and remain effective
  26. Clients/Customers love when you add VALUE to a service
  27. Give clients/customers more than they pay for or expect.
  28. Extra tip – Return phone calls reply to emails message etc plus say THANK YOU always
  29. If you have a brick and mortar, like food, mechanic, laundry, etc. offer delivery/pickup and when you do, put a flyer in at least the surrounding 20+ homes saying, “your neighbor just used us, here is a discount for being a good neighbor.”
  30. Listen to customers.
  31. Strive to always improve.
  32. Under promise. Over deliver.

If you’re looking for exposure for your blog, for instance, I initially had a lot of my online friends come to my blogs so I could get some traffic. I built FB pages for each of my blogs and added my posts to it and invited my friends to like my pages. I also belong to a number of blogging groups (FaceBook) to which you can share different things (FB pages, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets, Blog posts), depending on the day of the week.

If you plan on blogging every day, I belong to (my favorite) Ultimate Blog Challenge. They run a quarterly in-house blogging challenge. It’s amazing how much traffic and how many comments and followers you can get. There are close to 11,000 members and a new challenge started on January 1, 2017. They send out a daily email with a topic suggestion, but you’re free to choose your own blog topic.

There are no free rides, it’s not necessarily easy, it takes time and dedication and you have to be willing to ask questions in order to succeed. I hope this list of marketing tips gives you some insight.

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This is a fantastic round up of marketing ideas. One very important tip is missing. Send thank you cards to your clients. It improves customer retention. Customer retention is less expensive than customer aquisition.


Yes, retention is so much less expensive that acquisition. And offering top notch info and service will keep customers loyal.


Wow, so many tips! I really like ‘don’t impress people with your words, but instead your work’ – that’s great advice unless you’re a writer haha! But the concept is very true. Thanks for sharing all these tips.


Even if you’re a writer, if you provide value in your content, you’re impressing more with your content.


Hi I found ypu on Ultimate blogging challenge and I love UBC .
Great tips .Specially loved the saying thank you tip.People forget how important these magic word’s are.


Yes, Amrita, you’re right about saying thank you. It’s not used often enough. Thanks for stopping by.

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