Are You Guilty of Pimping Your List?

Pimping your ListAre You Pimping Your List

Pimping defined:

  • Pimping your ride means souping up & prettying up your car or truck or whatever your main ride may be. My take on what that means.
  • A pimp is one who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer. Pimping – serve as a procurer of prostitutes. The Free Dictionary
  • Pimping – More commonly used nowadays as making something cool or better.
  • “Yeah, I was totally pimping up my profile today!”, or
  • A person who has the best girls. and the most bling-bling of anyone.
  • “Tyler P is Pimping.” Urban Dictionary

A fellow blogger, Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA ( recently commented this on my post “Opt-In Lists Can Make or Break Your Business”:

One more fact about your opt-in list. Use it sparingly. Because too many don’t – and then find themselves (properly) defined as spammers”!

Are you guilty of pimping your list? When some marketers build their lists to substantial numbers, they tend to forget about their subscribers and begin to do what I call pimping your list.

Rather than devoting time to nurturing & developing relationships with their opt in list members, they start partnerships with other big list holders and agree to promote another person’s product(s) to their list. This is known as a JV or Joint Venture project.

If a list owner isn’t willing to invest the time it takes to become a true mentor and is just interested in making money, he will continue to have people unsubscribe from his list and will have to come up with a new pitch on a regular basis to build it up once again.

Sending promotional emails on a daily basis will turn into many disgruntled subscribers, resulting in many unsubscriptions. Informative, teaching and entertaining emails will go a lot further with building trust than trying to sell something to your list every day.

A small, responsive list will earn you more money in the long run and it’s easier to forge solid, long-term relationships with a smaller group of people. What relationships really lead to in your business is lifelong income. If you want to create a business that thrives and grows, you need to pay close attention to this lesson and make your business about relationships.

The proactive forging of a relationship in your business leads to a highly profitable, predictable, stable, lifestyle.

That’s what it’s really all about – creating a business that thrives, generates income very consistently and easily, to enable you to go out and live the life you want and be free.

So, don’t go about the business of “pimping” your list just for the sake of making more money because it shouldn’t be about the money, it should be about the people. If you build the all-important relationships with those people, you will be rich in many ways.

K. Wayne

Great article Jane. Of course it should be about the relationship. But I think the masses think that is an “old school” ideal that is now dead. Everyone is looking for a shortcut or “hack”. I think most internet marketers become pimps when their lists get large.


I agree that some of the big marketers do pimp their lists, but if I ever get lists as large as theirs, I’ll still offer quality, free, information and also some great products that can help them. Being perceived as a helper rather than a salesperson will get me a long way, in my opinion.

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