Evaluate Your Current Image – Bldg Relationships Pt. IV

Evaluate Your Current ImageEvaluate Your Current Image – Building Relationships Pt. IV

Continuing on with my original post Building Relationships for the Long Term, and the posts that followed on January 6th and 7th, today I’m going to jump right in and talk about the three things you can do right now to change the way people see you on your journey to building relationships for the long term. If your goal is to build trusting relationships with your subscribers, you need to evaluate your current image.

How people see you mainly has to do with the type of person you purposely or accidentally present for them to see.

With that in mind, the first thing you can do is evaluate your current image. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are your readers doing what you want them to do?
  • Are they buying from you?
  • Are they at least taking the time to look at the products you recommend to them?

If not, take an honest look at yourself and ask yourself if you’re presenting a person that is worth listening to and buying from – take steps to make yourself become that type of person.

Use the next two steps to portray the image of someone who your readers can see themselves looking to for answers, guidance and support on the way to achieving their goals.

All people really care about is their goals and anyone who seems to want to help them reach those goals is an expert in their eyes.

Keep in mind that people will evaluate you based on how much they think you can help or hurt them on the way to what they want. That’s why it’s so vitally important that you give them the best information you can.

The second thing you can do is take a good look at your surroundings.

Generally you want to do the opposite of what the majority of other people do because being a part of the “herd” (sheeple) will get you what the “herd” gets – a small share of whatever they’re fighting over. You have to remove yourself from the group, evaluate your current image, and do what it takes to show your readers that you are different from the average free information publishing, commission-hungry, only-care-about-themselves, marketers out there.

Remember, it’s the people who do what others aren’t doing that get noticed. It’s those who are building relationships for the long term who will succeed. Period!

If you’re doing the same thing everyone else is doing then why would potential buyers pay any attention to you at all? You cannot have a “me too” business.

Take some time to figure out what others in your market (your competitors) are doing so you can see how to consciously make yourself look better and more successful than they do.

It’s as simple as that. What you want to do is put yourself in a position where your readers see that you are making an effort to connect with them while the majority of the other newsletters and email courses they’re subscribed to are full of ads and recycled junk written by someone who’s desperate for a commission check.

The very thing you should do is figure out what your readers want and give it to them without thinking so much about what’s in it for you (since you’ve taken the time to evaluate your current image). Don’t fill your newsletter with useless information or fluff. People are busy, give them what they want and do it in a clear concise format.

I know that putting your readers before yourself doesn’t sound very profitable, but what you have to understand is that people are loyal to other people who are loyal to them. You can’t expect your readers to do something for you when you aren’t willing to do something for them first, so you have to be willing to be the one to initiate the relationship. Extend your hand and invite your readers to accept your invitation.

Your main job is to serve your readers, NOT to get them to buy from you. They will buy, but only when they feel like you’ve done a good enough job of catering to their needs first.

Here is one more question for you to consider. Why do you want to publish a newsletter or e-mail course?

Is it so that you can send out ads for whatever products you happen to be promoting at the moment?

That’s a huge mistake that many publishers make. They send out free information wrapped around one advertisement after another and I can’t really fault them for that because that’s just what they were taught to do.

Most list building courses teach you that once you have a list with thousands of subscribers on it you will be sure to make big money online. While partly true, the other part of the equation has to do with how many people on your list value your opinion enough to go out and buy something you’re promoting.

So again, I ask you… “Why do you publish free information?”

Your first answer should be to serve the needs of the people who have taken the time to join your list.

Remember, they didn’t have to join. No one forced them! They joined your list because they were interested in what they think you have to offer them. Now it’s up to you to deliver.

Only by taking an active interest in the needs of your readers will they in turn take an active interest in your needs. Sounds simple, but it’s easy to get blinded by the dollar sign and forget that actual people are subscribed to your list. They are not mindless robots with money to throw at you, just because you ask them to.

When you can figure out what the needs of your readers are and strive to fill those needs, you won’t have any problems making as much money as you want with your list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Look for my next post soon, when I’ll be talking about how you can make your customers and subscribers feel like they can talk to you about anything. So, first of all, evaluate your current image and don’t ever forget that building relationships for the long term will impact your future.

Here’s an example of a product I’m going to try to sell to you (since you’ve been enjoying my blog posts…). Just click on the image below:

Newsltters in a Box

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Sometimes I ask myself why am I blogging. Why I am sharing all this info for free and not getting any returns yet. But you raised a valid point there. I know my blog just started off and I am now building a list but I need to remember that I am doing it for my subscribers. They didn’t have to follow me unless they really wanted to. I also agree that in order to be noticed you need to not follow the crowd. Sadly as a blogger I kinda feel that way. There are so many bloggers out there but then what else can I do to stand out?! That’s a question I still haven’t been able to answer myself but keep doing it anyways…


Yes, Shevy, there are many bloggers out there, but if practice good, sound SEO techniques, your blog will be the one that’s seen. Do your keyword research and you’ll get there.

Neil Copping

Thanks Jane. I have always had the understanding that building good relationships is key to online success but what I have been lacking is the knowledge of how to actually do this. Your post has given me some great ideas :-). I totally agree with what you are saying here, the key is not to be yourself and promote yourself. People buy from people who they “know, like and trust” which is why word of mouth advertising is so powerful. Thanks for sharing these really helpful tips. Much appreciated.


Thanks, Neil. I love sharing information like this. Customer satisfaction – know, like & trust – is the key to everything.


When I used the title (keyword), I kinda had the same thoughts – that someone might think I was referring to photos, and not how we present ourselves.


I agree. Serving your customers is the number one way to keeping them. People buy from people they know, like and trust and if they feel like you are just using them they will go somewhere else. Thanks for the post.


Yes, Kelly. And the same holds true for a brick and mortar business. People tend to forget sometimes that if they have no customers, clients, subscribers, they have no income!

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