Why It Is Important To Be Yourself

Why It Is Important To Be YourselfWhy It Is Important To Be Yourself … Building Relationships Pt. VII

Gedday, as they say “down under”. I’m winding down to the end of the posts on building relationships for the long term. But I feel I still need to go over a few things before all is said and done. Today I’ll jump right into why it is important to be yourself.

Another important aspect of running your own successful customer relations newsletter is that it requires you to be bold. It requires you to expect and accept the fact that some people are going to flat out reject you. If you can’t deal with rejection it is important that you find a way to cope with it and try not to take it too personally.

Trust is a result of people seeing you as a real person willing to share of yourself and not just an automated, cloned robot pushing out recycled articles and ads just like everyone else seems to do. That’s why it is important to be yourself.

Part of that has to do with the way you write to your readers. You have to write in a way that it looks personal – like an actual person sat down and took the time to communicate with them. Every single one of your readers knows you have many subscribers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t write like only one person is reading. In fact, that’s what you have to do.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to learn how to do this is to look at your database of subscribers and pick one to write your letter to. Just one! Then compose your emails in your email client that’s addressed to just that one subscriber.

It’s a little intimidating, but you can also just imagine that you’re writing to one of your bigger competitors which will force you to put some real effort into the information you present. It kind of makes you need to raise your game a bit.

No matter how many people you write to, only one person at a time is reading your email, so it’s important that it “sounds” like you’re writing to that one person.

Personal stories help as well because they help solidify that fact that you are a real person. There’s too much use of the word “we” online. If you’re the only person running your business then who is “we”?

If it’s just you, say I or me when you write. There’s nothing wrong with that because again, anything that allows people to picture you having a one on one conversation with them goes a long way towards helping you build a relationship with them.

Now here’s the thing…

I have to clear this up because I know it’s something that may confuse you. When I say write personal stories I don’t mean you have to talk about personal things. It’s not necessary to do that. What I mean is talk about something that isn’t about your online business or if it is about your business, do it with your own words and personality – another reason why it is important to be yourself

The more personal you can get your newsletter to look, the more your readers will start to respond to you. You see, you’ve been told to build your list and send out a newsletter and of course you should, but…

Why should you? Do you know why? Has anyone ever told you why?

The number one goal is to build a relationship with like-minded people who seek guidance on the way to their goals. Your job is to help them get to wherever they want to go. All people care about is where they want to go and if you can help them get there.

Your job is not to send out a bunch of recycled articles and ads. People don’t want that and many of them won’t unsubscribe when you send them junk – they will just stop listening to you.

So, even though you may appear to have thousands of subscribers, you actually don’t because many of them have quit reading. You have to ask yourself, why should anyone care about you or what you have to say or even relate to you and your business?

Do you give them a reason to? If you don’t, start.

When it comes to building relationships for the long term online – when you can get people to feel like they know you (or at least know more about you than the average guy sending them recycled articles and ads) you’ll stand out.

Remember, standing out online is a good thing. You need to rise above the crowd and show people why they should be dealing with you over someone else. If you don’t, your competitors will be on equal ground with you and you don’t want that. You want a person to see you as having no competition because they feel like they know you and that you are someone who wants to help them achieve their goals.

I hope today’s post was helpful to you.

Don’t forget to look for my last post on building relationships for the long term very soon. I’ll be talking about how to get your customers to give you what you want by acting like you really don’t want it at all.

I found this great little ecourse that goes along with the posts I’ve been sharing on building relationships for the long term. Go on, have a look… you know you wanna… And don’t forget why it is important to be yourself.

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