Priscilla King

Basically, Google hates personal blogs anyway. And a major stockholder in Google, Al Gore, has publicly stated that he’s looking for ways to incorporate political censorship into the Internet. Readers have to fight back against Google’s push to keep big, heavy-spending, and left-wing-owned corporate content constantly “on top.” Bing overtly boosts commercial content, but I’ve been using it when I use a search engine, just to remind Google that they don’t–yet–own the world.


Thanks for coming on over for a read, Priscilla. And thanks for dropping my link in on one of your posts. It was interesting reading and I love how you put it all together.

Paul Taubman

Let’s not forget the need to have a secure site – the need to install an SSL Certificate so that our sites go to https:// instead of only http://

This is going to be very important, very soon!

Thanks for sharing.

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