Building Relationships for the Long Term

Building Relationships for the Long TermTurning a one-time Subscriber to your list into a long-term client has a lot more to do with relationship building than offering good products for sale. Building relationships for the long term will be mutually beneficial to you and your Subscribers.

The money is in the list” is as true as the day is long. Opt in Lists give you a group of customers who, if you do things right, will make you money. That being said, here are some ways to really shine and foster your ability for building relationships for the long term: Continue reading Building Relationships for the Long Term

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How NOT to Build Your List

How not to build your listHow NOT to Build Your List

This post contains old information, but it’s certainly not outdated. The same ways of how not to build your list hold true today…


I was recently in receipt of an email from a list to which I belong. The list owner took part in an Ad Swap with another list owner. What then happened was a primary example of how not to build your list and hope to build awesome, trusting relationships that will bring long-term benefits to both you and your list.

What Is a List and an Ad Swap?

For those of you who aren’t sure about what a list or an Ad Swap is, I’ll give you a few details. Continue reading How NOT to Build Your List

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Are You Guilty of Pimping Your List?

Pimping your ListAre You Pimping Your List

Pimping defined:

  • Pimping your ride means souping up & prettying up your car or truck or whatever your main ride may be. My take on what that means.
  • A pimp is one who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer. Pimping – serve as a procurer of prostitutes. The Free Dictionary
  • Pimping – More commonly used nowadays as making something cool or better.
  • “Yeah, I was totally pimping up my profile today!”, or
  • A person who has the best girls. and the most bling-bling of anyone.
  • “Tyler P is Pimping.” Urban Dictionary

Continue reading Are You Guilty of Pimping Your List?