No Denying – It’s All About Psychology

It's All About PsychologyIt’s All About Psychology – Building Relationships Pt. IX

Remember: People care about themselves first, then anyone else who seems to care about them too. So when you do things for the people who are giving you their time (reading what you write), they learn to value what you say and do things to benefit you so that you feel like continuing to do things for them. It’s not about you at all. It’s all about psychology.

What usually gets you in trouble is the fact that you’re thinking about yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish. That keeps you from seeing the fact that if you want other people to give you what you want, you have to give them what they want first. And again, I repeat, it’s all about psychology. Continue reading No Denying – It’s All About Psychology

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Getting Customers and Subscribers on Board

Getting Customers and Subscribers on BoardGetting Customers and Subscribers on Board – Building Relationships Pt. VIII

Well, we’re finally here – the second last part of Building Relationships for the Long Term. I sure hope you have learned a lot about running a successful newsletter and building lasting relationships with your customers and subscribers. This post is long, but for the sake of winding down, I decided to do it this way. In this second last post, I’m going to talk about getting customers and subscribers on board – how you can get them to give you exactly what you want by appearing like you don’t really want it at all. Continue reading Getting Customers and Subscribers on Board